Managing Roofing Problems

Five Reasons For Foundation Damage

Foundation problems can lead to cracked walls, out of alignment doors and windows, water leaks, and uneven settling. Knowing the likely cause of the problem can help determine the proper repair plan.

1. Poor Drainage

Poor drainage around your foundation causes water to collect in the soil just outside the foundation walls. This water can put pressure on the foundation, resulting in cracks and leaks. Even if cracks don't form, the water pressure can cause the foundation to settle unevenly, which also eventually leads to damage. A good gutter and drainage system that routes water away from the foundation can solve the issue.

2. Nearby Flora

Large trees and shrubs growing too closely to the foundation can also be a problem. Roots can put pressure on foundation walls, causing cracks to form. Roots can also trap moisture near the foundation, leading to similar problems as poor drainage. Grow larger plants well away from the foundation and stick to grasses and small herbaceous plants near your home. If trees have already damaged the foundation, then they must be removed and the damage must be repaired.

3. Plumbing Problems

In most homes, but particularly those on slab foundations, plumbing pipes pass through the actual foundation. If a leak occurs within the foundation or beneath it, the water will collect and put pressure on the foundation until cracks form. In some cases, the leak may even carve out a void in the soil that the foundation will settle into unevenly. Once the leak is remedied, foundation cracks must be repaired and mudjacking may be necessary to level the foundation again.

4. Soil Issues

Soils with a high water content tend to move and swell. As they fill with water, they put pressure on the foundation walls, which can cause cracks to form. When the soil dries out, voids can form underneath the foundation, which the house then settles into. A repair tech may need to install drains around the perimeter of your house to maintain more even moisture levels. Then, foundation repairs can be made for any current damages.

5. Construction Failure

Issues can occur before the foundation is ever poured. If the base materials, typically sand and gravel, aren't properly compacted then they will settle or wash out once the foundation is placed upon them. Uneven settling, often rapid, is a hallmark of construction failure in relatively new homes.  A repair team will use a combination of techniques, such as mudjacking and possibly installing piers, to help solve the issue.

Contact a foundation repair service in your area if you suspect any of these issues. Reach out to a company like Southern Roofing and Waterproofing today!